Parenting style of upbringing and its influence on the formation of the child’s personality

Parenting style of upbringing and its influence on the formation of the child’s personality

A good parent, raising a child, educates himself. What should mom and dad do if they want their beloved child in adulthood to be able to control themselves, not suffer from low self-esteem and always learn from a difficult situation? The main principles are love double strollers reviews, personal example and consistency. It happens to be necessary to know not only general recommendations, but also the influence of parenting style on the appearance of both desirable and unforeseen character traits. 

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Secrets of Successful Parenting 

The similar style of nurture in relation to children with diverse psychotypes forms totally different character behaviours. That is why those parents fail who think that by adhering to some kind of rigid parenting scheme (albeit an experienced teacher), you can get a predictable result. Upbringing is a constant creative process of interaction between parents, educators, teachers, adults and children around them. 

The basis of personality, of course, is laid in the family. Further, the child in society, stringing his personal life experience on this basis, sometimes coming into conflict with the attitudes that are embedded in the family and are declared by the media. 

Harmony is a balance of internal attitudes, attitudes, beliefs with what is happening in the family, at work, in the country, in the world! Therefore, your movement forward is a search for balance, including in education. 

Children use to differ from adults in that they happen to act directly and impulsively. This use to be the main sign of a trusting and healthy preschool child. 

If this doesn’t happen, then almost certainly, there happens to be an unfavorable state in the family, internal problems of one of the or both parents, humiliations, inconsistent upbringing of the child, reinforcement of individualism and selfishness, money-grubbing, ignoring the opinion of all family members alone, suppression of the child’s initiative, weak discipline, disorganization of leisure or, on the contrary, lack of free time in children due to excessive teaching load and overprotection, excessive control over every step.

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Let’s have a look at a few of the parenting styles that use to be possible in a family. This will help to understand more specifically how your relationship prevents the child from optimally adapting in society. What you should try to change in your family and yourself in order to develop your child with a healthy and positive personality. Therefore, it is sometimes said that children are raising their parents. 

Perhaps the absence of a head in the family, shifting their parenting responsibilities onto educators, teachers, inability or unwillingness to orient and support the child on successful activities, constant voicing of complaints by parents about a difficult life. This style of upbringing can form a person with low self-control, low self-esteem, inability to gain experience from a problem situation, and inability to manage oneself in difficult situations. 

Conclusion: it happens to be necessary to clearly distribute roles in the family, responsibilities between family members, including the child. 


The Importance Of Childhood (0-3 Years)

His primary need is to live a good contact with the person who takes care of him, a stable figure who is with him for a long time in order to know him, to understand him, to decipher his movements and his language, that non-verbal initially.

The baby cries, gets upset, the mother takes him and understands the problem and solves it.

What happens in our midget … he feels good, he feels capable! My tools are good, I’m good – Mom understands me and satisfies me.

And it is precisely here that the first step of his safety, of his self-esteem, is formed.

His trust is created in those who revolve around him, mum, dad, grandparents and through them his trust in the world.

We are not talking here about any games, lights, ringtones, etc., his need and having a person who dedicates his time to him with serenity and love, who always has more or less the same dynamic attitude in various situations, who knows ” read “that is dedicated to him with love.

Looking the child in the eye with love, hugging him, caressing him are the permanent memories of his well-being.

From my personal experience I have noticed how important a natural weaning of at least six to 12 months is for a good immune system and harmonious growth.

I have noticed how much healthier these children are (no bronchitis, no colds, no otitis, no asthma).

The child is an infant and as such should also be treated from a nutritional point of view.

Often a Vegan or vegetarian weaning followed under the supervision of a nutritionist pediatrician, ensures that the child matures his intestine without suffering excessive overload …

It is understood that animal protein is always represented (or should) by breast milk.

Given the numerous studies, animal proteins of other kinds are not necessary for at least nine months.

The child, if well fed with freshly prepared, biodynamic live foods. It will have better health and overcome common viral infections much faster.


The american academy and pediatrics dietetics and nutrition of the USA

They recognize that a well-planned plant-based diet provides infants with all the nutrients they need for regular growth.